Dienstag, 24. März 2015

Channa Horwitz, COUNTING IN EIGHT, MOVING BY COLOR at Kunst Werke Berlin

Channa Horwitz' art is about precision, movement in time and scientific attitude. Formulas, codes for colours, chromatic gradations of colour spectra form structures, patterns, schemes and abstractions often reduced to basic geometric forms - circles, squares, lines accompanied with numbers - all meticulously written down, arranged by is strict orders, drawn in black and white across panels as if forecasting the digital age.

Her works are based on numbers 1 through 8, with each number being attributed a certain color code. With this rule in mind the artist created quite a consommate body of work, striving for precision, perfection and yet moving, open ended in terms of constant surch for experiment and simultaneously questioning our ways of perception.

Informed by conceptual and minimal art strategies Horwitz' oeuvre remains a rare and isnpiring synergy of scientific precision and artistic quest. Her works can be divided into LANGUAGE SERIES, SONAKINATOGRAPHY, RHYTHMS and STRUCTURES.

COUNTING IN EIGHT, MOVING BY COLOR at the KW Institute for Contemporary Art is the first comprehensive solo exhibition of Californian artist Channa Horwitz (1932–2013). The exhibition is curated by Ellen Blumenstein.

Duration 15.3.–25.5.15 Ground Floor

KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Auguststrasse 69, 10115 Berlin

Channa Horwitz at work is her studio

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