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ARE/ About Contributors Impressum

Dr. Phil. Lily Fürstenow is art critic and curator. Married, has an eight-year-old daughter

Research / PhD

Doctor Degree in Culture Studies, Promotion at the Humboldt University Berlin Topic: “Anselm Kiefer: Myth versus History”, 2011

Scholarships & Awards           

DAAD research scholarship, 2005
Scholarship for the Summer School at the Vienna State University  
Best Review Award by the British Council, 2004


Art Critic for the Georgia Today Newspaper and independent Curator 

Member of the Arbeitsgruppe Institutions Extended. Museum Mitte Berlin


Upcoming - Museum Lichtenberg. Artistic Interventions May 2020

Interventions. Museum Reinickendorf Berlin and Communale GaleriETAGE. Reinickendorf May-August 2018

Kunst im Herrenhaus. Landkulturen. Camera Urbana. Cycle of Exhibitions at the Museum Domäne Dahlem. April-September 2018

Influences - Georgian/German Cultural Exchange Year 2017

Women in Georgian Film, Filmfestival - Theater am Olgaeck, Stuttgart, November, 2016

Georgian Film Weeks, at the Werkstatt der Kulturen Berlin, March-May, 2016

War and Peace, exhibition co-curator at Georgian National Museum

The Catalogue Project: conceptual presentation of works by digital photographer       Tea Nili using a catalogue format as an alternative to conventional exhibition, after Seth Sigelaub. Catalogue 1: Erasure. Catalogue 2: From Selfie to Self

Körperschriften, exhibition commemorating 100th centennial of the First World War at the Alte Berliner Garnisonfriedhof with the support of the Lautarchiv, Humboldt-University, Berlin, 26.4.-4.5.2014. Participating artists: Xenia Fink, Marta Sforni, Barbara Gerasch, NatHalie Braun-Barends, Bettina Müller, Alim Rijinashvili, original phonograms and related archive documents were for the first time exhibited after the end of the WWI

Kriegsgeschichte-n, Alte Berliner Garnisonfriedhof, 7.2. -23.4.2014. Participating artists: Dieter Appelt, Ariel Reichmann, Thomas Bratzke, NatHalie Braun-Barends, documents from the Lautarchiv Berlin

Das Wesen der Farben: Schattenfarben, Rudolf Steiner Haus Berlin, 11.1.- 9.3.2014. Participating artists: Sigrid-Braun Umbach, artists collective mintsi&smolin, Bettina Sailer, Stefan Weber, NatHalie Braun-Barends

The Essence of Colour, All about Red, ARE Project Space at Holzmarktstrasse, 19.09.13-03.11.13. Participating artists: Rudolf Steiner's colour drawings, Despina Stokou, Angela Dwyer, Sigrid-Braun Umbach, Liana Nakashidze, Salome Cheidze-Mohs, Katharina Karrenberg, Xenia Fink, Barbara Gerasch, artist collective mintsi&smolin

Playing Politics, Politische Aspecte in Computerspielen, 7. Berlin Biennale, KW Institute of Contemporary Art Berlin, 03.05. 2012. Two performative podium discussions together with the Autonomous University and the Occupy Berlin. Participants: Andreas Lange, Director of the Computerspielemuseum Berlin; Niklas Schrape, author of the “Elemente der Rhetorik in Peacemaker”, UdK Berlin, Mark Butler, Michael Liebe

Mediating the Immediate. Influences of the New Media on Politics, KW Institute of Contemporary Art Berlin, 08.06.2012. Participants: artist Joulia Strauss, Martin Delius (Berliner Abgeordneter Piratenpartei), Hector Huerga Occupy Berlin, Axel Kistner (software developer Liquid Democracy),

Writing (selection)

Peoples of the Caucasus in German Scientific Literature during the First World     War, Kartvelology, research magazine, issue 5, Ilia State University, Tbilisi, 2015

Archive Documents about Georgian Soldiers in the Frist World War in the Austrian and German Museum Collections to be issued in the Georgika Magazine, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena, 2016

Photography during the First World War, forthcoming, Georgian National Museum Magazine Moambe, 2016

Zu den Visualisierungsstrategien der Modernen Naturwissenschaft, in Schillers Schädel, herausgegeben von der Klassik Stiftung Weimar, 2009

Selected Interviews 

 Boris Groys on Art
Artur Zmijewsky, Artistic Strategies of Occupation, 2012

Photography Collections and Strategies of Their Presentation Conversation with Dr. Irene Ziehe, curator at the Museum Europäischer Kulturen, Staatliche Museen zu Berlin

Selected Translations 

 Boris Groys, Politics of Installation, e-flux, published in Axali Saunje Magazine, Issue 1 (19), January 2015, pp. 82-88


Museums Journal about Interventionen at Museum Reinickendorf. 7. 2018:

Momus magazine on Interventions at Museum Reinickendorf. 8. 2018:

Review of Interventionen in TAZ newspaper 8. 2018:!5514663/

Review of Camera Urbana in Berliner Woche Newspaper 8.2018:

 Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Ernst on Tea Nili's digital photography from the Catalogue Project:

Nino Dolidze, online magazine Liberali review of the Exhibition Körperschriften, 31.07. 2014
Linda Luise Bickenbach, Art Investor, Aufmarsch der Vielfalt, 05/13:

Leonie Loreck, Köpfe, Letter DAAD Magazine, Issue 1, 04. 2008:

Teaching   English Language and Literature at the Faculties of Law and American Studies, 2000-2004

ARE/Artistic Research Encounters
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