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The following information on the First World War prisoners is on show at the Exhibition Kriegsgeschichte-n curated by the ARE/Artistic Research Encounters in Berlin. The exhibition has been organized with the friendly support of the Lautarchiv of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. Exhibition duration 8. Februar- 23. April, 2014. The materials on the Georgian prisoners presented on the blog and in the exhibition are on public show for the first time after the WWI since they were classified as secret data. We're very thankful to HU Lautarchiv for cooperation and to Dr. Britta Lange for letting us know about the existence of these data and for providing us with the necessary information and materials.

File #678

Personal Data:

Place - military camp for war prisoners:                            Wünsdorf

Date:                                                                                  5.1.1917

Time:                                                                                  2 h. 15 min.

Diameter of the record:                                                        27 cm

Kind of recording:                                                             recording of singing

I song 3 performed by (Gajan Singh and Badan Singh) II song 1 and 2 spoken (Gajan Singh)

Name written in mother language:                                     (Indian script)

Name (in Lat.)                                                                  II Badan Singh I Gajan Singh (pk677)

First name

Born when (approximate age):                                           23 years old

Born where:                                                                          Khairpur

Which big city is in the
neighbourhood of the birthplace? :

Canton                                                                                   Patiala


Place of living in the first
6 years :                                                                                  Khairpur

Place of living from age
7 till 20:                                                                               18 years, 9 Bhopal Juf (Zuf? couldn't make                            out the writing), Faizabad

What kind of school education?                                            Regiment school

Where did he go to school?                                                     Vaizabad

Place of living from age 20:                                                      Faizabad

Which place does his father
come from?                                                                                Khairpur

Which place does his mother
come from?                                                                             Rakhtramundan

Which tribe does he belong to?                                                Sikh

Which language as
mother tongue?                                                                        Panjabi

Which other languages
does he speak?                                                                        Hindostani

Can he read? Which alphabets?                                            Guruchi, Nagari

Can he write? Which alphabets?                                            Guruchi, Nagari

Does he play in the camp any
instruments from his homeland?                                               No

Does he sing or play modern
European music?                                                                       --------

Religion:                                                                                     Sikh

Profession:                                                                                Peasant (Landmann)

Character of the voice:

  1. Judgement of the specialist
  1. Judgement of the
superintendent (commissar):                                                   soft (weihe, couldn't make out the       handwriting further) voice
                                                                                                    signed (gez.) Wilh. Doegen

3. Judgement of the technitian:

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