Mittwoch, 6. Juni 2012

"Mediating the Immediate. Influences of the New Media on Politics" Panel Discussion

Friday, June 8, 2012, 19 pm
at the Autonomous University, Berlin Biennale 7 
 KW 69, Institute of Contemporary Art, Auguststr. 69, Berlin

The discussion sets itself the aim to analyze the interaction of the newest media and politics. Whether the enhanced communication possibilities provided by the new media are the channel of instant communication bringing through the message or vice versa, and what kind of communication it is in particular, is a matter of debate. The nature as well as the history and the future possibilities of the new media involvement into politics might be more serious than we might have realized up to now. Occupy representatives,  politicians, artists and researchers are invited to contribute. We are standing now at the historical threshold, and hopefully things won't run out of control.

Some of the issues to be discussed:
What is the role of the new media in politics? What is the nature of influence of the new media on political processes world-wide? How can public opinion be manipulated by the new media? The new media as the means of immediate communication versus the impossibility of communication – these are the basic issues to be discussed and even more.  

The Panelists are: 
  Artist Joulia Strauss, (Free Pussy Riot)
       Alexander Morlang (Berliner Abgeordnete Piratenpartei)
       Hector, representative of Occupy Berlin and the Indignados, Spain
       Axel Kistner (Software Developer Liquid Democracy)

Conceived by the:
 ARE/Artistic Research Encounters: Lily Fürstenow-Khositashvili and Peggy Sylopp in cooperation with the Autonomous University, the Occupy Berlin within the framework of the Berlin Biennale 7

Special thanks to Joulia Strauss for advice and inspiration

Berlin Biennale 7 / Mediating the Immediate


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