Freitag, 11. Mai 2012

Berlin Protests against Putin's Regime

Whether as a demo or as an artistic performance a protest is an important thing, and even if it is not followed by immediate actions that meet the demands of the protesters the action itself is what matters. A protest against the dictatorial Putin's regime where the church and the police join forces to oppress the civilians has a lot of chances in so far as it succeeds to call for international attention. The demo organised with the support of the Berlin Biennale 7 and the Occupy Berlin at the Berlin Alexander Platz on May 11, 2012 is an appeal to international community, civilians and governments, to individuals to express their protest against the politics of oppression, imprisonments, cynical violation of human rights and segregation of ethnic minorities on the territory of Russia and Putin rule.

As Occuypy Berlin Free Pussy Riot activist Julia said: “Russian oil is red with blood and Russian gas smells of the dead. Pussy cat riot appeals to you to stop any sort of cooperation with Putin's criminal regime and urge him change his brutal policy of persecution and oppression. The politics of double standards has to be stopped! One cannot be derogatory of the regime only in official statements and press releases and support the criminal governments behind the curtains by sealing deals with them that secure their economic survival.”

We appeal to civilians to participate in the demo and show their attitude: Russia, China, soon there will be no choice and you will be the next ....

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