Dienstag, 15. Juli 2014

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin / New Collection of Dorothee Schumacher

Dorothee Schumacher's new collection Spring/Summer 2015 was undoubtedly one of the highlights of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin. Numerous guests, celebrities and fashion experts were invited to St. Elisabeth Church in Berlin Mitte. The church conceived by Friedrich Schinkel in 1830-ies has a special history inspired ambience where tradition and modernity meet. 

The key details of Dorothee Schumacher's collection are leather strips, net optics, bondage elements, tromp -l'oeil prints  on silk and flower harnesses made of cotton blossoms. Fabrics: cotton, chiffon and silk underlie transparency, subtle silhouettes and healthy body structure, toughness of mind and spirit. The garment contours underlie the ultimate symbol of vibe: sexy and vibrant, subtle and soft, intelligent and self-confident. Prints and colors emphasize flower camouflage, millefleurs-pattern in olive tones, white, aqua tones and soft yellow, nudes palette for the summer.

Dorothee Schumacher's  show room will soon open in Paris. The label's flagship store opening is also planned soon in Dusseldorf. 

 Dorothee Schumacher greeted by the enthusiastic audience

 The huge hall of Schinkel's St. Elisabeth Church in Berlin-Mitte was full to the brim with fashion experts, celebrities, honorable guests and Dorothee Schumacher's admirers - all excited and looking forward to see the new collection.

The catwalk

A wonderful dress in true blue with a signature laser cut cotton flower

The garden outside St. Elisabeth Church was turned into a space for serenity and transience a quite  refuge of style and beauty in the middle of big city hectic.

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