Donnerstag, 17. Juli 2014

Lena Hoschek at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin

Few designers attract as many guests for their shows as Lena Hoschek - and it's worth it! 

Attention to detail and timelessness are maybe the best description of her creations. Hoschek's new collection, of course, is no exception. Opulent flower patterns, luxury fabrics,  focus on traditional handcrafts, classic, feminine silhouettes are Hoschek's  signature characteristics for the coming season. 

Seeing her oeuvre is like tracing the history of costume that breathes new life in Hoschek's  creative vision. The new designs, as always, with Hoschek draw upon centuries-old traditional folk costumes, ethnic motives - a wonderful and rare example when the past inspires the present. In her interpretation folk inspired dresses, reminiscent of dirndl, for example, acquire particular coolness, zeitgeist and freedom from convention. 

Put on a dirndl and be fabulous with it - yes she can! 

Lena Hoschek wearing a dress from her new collection with her admirers after the show 

Fräulein Helene/Bekleidungsgeschäft für Damen, Lily Khositashvili /ARE and CHERRY GRETA

Two dresses, two personalities - same patterns - endless variations of the same

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