Donnerstag, 19. Juli 2018

Fashion Week Berlin 2018. Vogue Salon, Marina Hoermanseder, Isabel Vollrath spring/summer 2019 collection

ODEEH+Meissen Porzellan
As the creative directors of the Meissen Porzellan the designers of the ODEEH - Otto Drögsler and Jörg Ehrlich have added an innovative touch to the famous 300-year-old German state porcellain Manufactury. The results - wonderfully decorated 
showpiece vases exhibited at the Berliner Salon were a perfect match to the designs of the new garments collection.  The happy cross section of tradition and contemporary designers vision turned out to be inspiring.

Marina Hoermanseder spring/summer collection 2019 highlights

Marina Hoermanseder's new collection looks like a dream come true. That's all what fashion is about- colours, forms, the lightness and ephemerity.  

 Hoermanseder's new collection show was an unforgettable feast of fashion and indulgence. The Mercedes-Benz Fashion-Week area was completely transformed into a catwalk within a fairy tale ambience of the klischee childhood memories and past centuries amusement park surroundings constructed on site specially for the show. For one happy moment one would forget reality.

Isabel Vollrath 

Isabel Vollrath's apparels drew inspiration from baroque forms and architectural elements - elegant and rich with art historical citations. A pleasure to look at and to wear



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