Dienstag, 14. November 2017

Upcoming Project. Domäne Dahlem Berlin. Land-Kultur-Natur. (Draft Title) Group exhibition. March 2018

Land-Kultur-Natur. Curated by Lily Fürstenow

Exhibition analyses the cultural history of agriculture, with particular reference to the history of Berlin-Brandenburg, colonial histories and contemporary science. The exhibition will interact with the museum's permanent collection and the farm land that belongs to the open-air standing exhibition of the Domäne Dahlem.

Domäne Dahlem and its museum is a unique area where the visitors are welcome to experience agriculture in practice and the related farms and domestic animal stalls offer insights into the everyday life of peasants now and in the centuries before.

Preliminary Artists List (Draft)

Maria Leena Räihälä,

Michael Schulze,

Xenia Fink

Sophia Tabatadze

Sigrid Braun Umbach

Bram Braam

Rosiko Jankö-Glage

Tama Kapanadze-Popkova

Teona Paichadze


Torstrasse 208, 10115 Berlin

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0151 614 38 978

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