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Group Exhibition Das Wesen der Farben. Schattenfarben curated by ARE in cooperation with Rudolf Steiner Haus Berlin

The Current exhibition “Das Wesen der Farben”: Schattenfarben” is the second show in the cycle of thematic exhibitions organised by the ARE/Artistic Research Encounters in cooperation with the Rudolf Steiner Haus Berlin. The first exhibition “Das Wesen der Farben. Alles über Rot,” was dedicated to the works of antroposoph as well as non-anthroposoph women artists. In the first exhibition our aim was to analyse the influence of Rudolf Steiner's “Farbenlehre” on the contemporary painting and to research to which extent the so-called anthroposophical painting differs from traditional mechanisms of painterly representation. The follow-up exhibition at Rudolf Steiner Haus “Das Wesen der Farben. Schattenfarben” focusses on anthroposophic painting.

What are the stylistic means of anthroposophic painting? What are the main formal differences in the painting techniques, what are the specific media used by the artists participating in the exhibition? Would it be possible to analyse anthroposophic painting as an art movement? To what extent is contemporary anthroposophic painting influenced by the rich heritage of artists that created under the immediate influence of Rudolf Steiner's teachings as e.g. the painters of the Aenigma art group from the 1920-ies? How could contemporary anthroposophic painting be thematised within the general context of avant-garde and abstract painting? Of course, it would be hardly possible to answer all these questions in one exhibition. Our current purpose is to focus in this show on the artistic oeuvre of the painters who consider themeslves as followers of anthroposophic colour doctrine with the aim to compare their formal vocabulary, painterly techniques, specific features of colour and media as means of expression. In Steiner's “Farbenlehre” like in painting that it influenced formal elements like colour combintations, compositional elements, interplay of light and shadow have symbolic meaning that contributes essencially to our interpretation of the image.

In“Das Wesen der Farbe. Schattenfarben” the so-called shadow colours and their role in anthroposophic painting is analysed as well as the concept of shadow itself in representation. According to Steiner “Shadows and images … always have something in common.” Shadow colours: black, green, grey and brown are essencial in anthroposophic Farbenlehre.

The paradigm of shadow comes from Plato, among others: the cave where shadows replaced reality. Plinius tells us the story of the origins of painting, according to which a maiden from Korinth, who wanted to preserve the image of her lover, painted a silhouette of his shadow on the wall: thus creating the first painting ever - the imitation. Since then it was believed that in the mythic past of painting the only painterly representations were created by means of lines drawn along the shadows that objects throw in sunlight.

The current exhibition is inspired by Rudolf Steiner's teachings on colour that have had an immense influence on the artists of his epoch and played a significant role in the rise of abstract painting. These lectures entitled “Das Wesen der Farben” (The Essence of Colour) were delivered by Steiner in Dornach in May 1921.

Dr. Phil. Lily Fürstenow-Khositashvili

Rudolf Steiner Haus
Bernadottestr. 90/92, 14195 Berlin

January 12th – March 9th, 2014

working hours: Di. - Sa. 11a.m.-18p.m.

Guided tours: Sunday, 15 p.m. by previous appointment

Tel: 030 9789 38 97
0151 211 83 73 1

Participating artists:

NatHalie Braun-Barends
Sigrid Braun-Umbach
Stefan Weber
Bettina Sailer

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